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Dog Training 

Dog training is very important for setting up a strong bond between dog and owner.  Whoof-Whoof provides training by understanding your puppy’s emotion and pace.  As we believe without understanding the puppy properly you can’t convey the message to them as all animals understand the language of only vibes. So if you also want to tune in with your puppy’s frequency you can choose any of these training programs. 

We just don’t give training to dogs but we also teach dog owners the best way and the tricks so that they understand the behavior and train their love mate pets on their own. This helps in having great bonding with Whoof-Whoof and with our precious dog family.

We provide three unique types of training i.e Basic ObedienceTraining, Guard Training, and Dog Show Training according to size and breed of your dogs which help them to stay active for a lifetime.

Basic Obedience Training:-

This is a basic training program that acquaints your dog to the essential orders or the basic commands required for the good behavior of your dog, like- stay, sit, come, down etc with or without a leash. This section of training also includes minor behavior problems such as chewing, jumping, barking, mouthing,etc. The training section will be short so that dogs do not feel bored and repetitive. If the dog is paying full attention then the training section can go for a longer period. This basic obedience training is ideal for all puppies and dogs who have not been trained before.

Guard Training:-

So many dogs are naturally born as guard dogs; their bark is adequate to make their owner aware of something surprising, and the caution they set up is an impediment. In Guard training we train your dog to bark if the stranger comes to your place that helps you to be aware that something suspicious is happening. On the second step if the stranger is forcefully coming at your home then they will start attacking him. Dog will attack on him and don’t let that person move until the owner comes out and checks that stanger. This training is not required for all dogs, only hyperenergetic dogs can be given this training.

Dog Show Training:-

We train your dog according to the dog show that you want to participate. The most common  commands that every dog should learn before entering a dog show are Hand stack, free stack, Bait train and yes the most important dog tolerance examination. In dog shows, judges and some dog lovers will physically examine a dog, touching its body and mouth. A dog who is ready for the show should be able to tolerate this with ease.

Four reasons why choose this Service:

Free In-Home Consultation

We provide our every service at our precious customer door-step so that they don't have to for that, we do not charge extra

We will Keep In Touch

We always record and maintain our customer data and contact them from time to time even after the service. As dog lovers we do not want to that our customers will face any problem.

Best Service

We provide the best services to our customers so that they can live their life happily and enjoyable with there love mates dogs.

Qualified Staff

We have India's Best qualified and well-disciplined staff that are experts in different-different fields of dogs. More than to work for a company we love to work as a dog lover for our precious customers.

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