You and every dog owner want their dog to be well behaved and don’t do anything which is not acceptable. But sometimes your dog can become really destructive with their chewing problem. While the puppyhood dogs want something to chew because as their teeth grow they feel uncomfortable. Chewing something can bring them a bit of comfort and their gums would feel a bit better. Teething can go till 6 months of age in dogs. But coming from the office you don’t want your dog to have their teeth marked everywhere on the furniture, shoes, clothes, and everything.

This chewing problem could occur because of these things:

  • Your Dog is not trained to not chew things that are not meant to be chewed.
  • They are feeling really bored.
  • The dog could be suffering from separation anxiety.
  • They are just threatened by something.
  • They want your eyes on them.

Note: If you are dealing with the anxiety-related issue then you should consult a professional dog trainer.

How to deal with your dog’s chewing problem ! Whoof-Whoof

The Training about what to chew and what not to

  • Keep your belongings safe: After all, it is your responsibility to keep your things safe. Items that you don’t want to get chewed by your dog like clothes, shoes, books, etc. should be kept at a safe distance where your dog doesn’t reach.
  • Teach then what is chewable and what is not:– Your dog would not automatically sense about things which are chewable and which are not. You have to distinguish their chew toys from the household items. Let them know what behavior is acceptable and what is not. 
  • Give them your time to train your dog:– Your dog should know what can be done and what cannot be done, what is acceptable and what is not. Your dog would surely not get it without your contribution in their training. Your dog cannot get it on its own.
  • Stimulate them properly: Mental and physical stimulation is very much important for your dog. If the dog is not properly exercised or trained they would surely perform a lot of unacceptable behaviors and would not obey your decisions. Every dog breed has different requirements that are meant to be completed by you because now they are part of your family.
    If you ever find your dog chewing something they shouldn’t don’t shout at them. Just interrupt their action and offer them a chew toy (their favorite ones). When they grab it with their mouth praise their behavior. This would do two things, first, your dog would slowly get to know what is chewable and what is not, and second, this would also mentally stimulate your dog.
  • Make them feel special about their toys: Doing this step is really easy, you just build obsession regarding their toy. Always keep their toys away after playing. Toys must not be always in reach of your dog. You should offer toys in exchange for their good behavior. This would make them value their toys. Engage them to play  with their chew toys or rather than chewing upon your specs, furniture, shoes, etc.
Chewing problem in Dog ! Whoof-Whoof
  • Offer them treats in exchange to the object in their mouth:. You got an opportunity to make your dog learn a new command. As they take something undesirable in their mouth just offer them a treat and as soon as they leave the item say “Give” and then offer the treat. This would make them believe that letting go a thing, when asked to, can offer them a yummy treat.
  • Don’t ever chase your dog:. If your dog picks up one of your favorite pairs of shoes then don’t chase them, never. This becomes a game of ‘catch me if you can’. Rather than chasing them, call them by their name and command give (if they know to execute it) and when they drop it offer them their favorite treat. Their favorite treat in exchange for your favorite pair of shoes, pretty fair, right?
  • Keep your expectations real: After all, it’s a new member of the family and you cannot expect to know the desired and the undesired behavior by itself. Be realistic and don’t rush into things. If they don’t understand the command repeat it, after all we also didn’t learn the alphabets on the first go, right? Don’t rush into things and be realistic.

These were some of the things which you can do to get rid of the unacceptable behavior of your dog of chewing anything they want. For more such interesting training routines and regimes please register to The Whoof Whoof.



The Whoof Whoof Team