House-Training of dogs usually consists of potty training your dog. Potty Training is an important aspect of training your dog. Surely you don’t want your dog to do their business in your home and make a lot of mess. House-Training your dog can be really fun and can obviously help you to build a bond with the puppy. But if the training there can be some reasons because of which you are not able to house-train your dog. You can also consult the best dog trainer in Delhi for free.

These could be the reasons for you having trouble to house train your dog:

  • Giving your Fur-Ball too much freedom:- This the most common mistake that people dog by far. They usually give their dogs a lot of freedom too early. Your dog should always be in a controlled environment like attached to a leash or sitting inside a crate or being in a puppy friendly room. Having them on a leash can help you to control the environment. Having them on a leash gives your puppy the feedback about what you like and what you don’t like. Your feedback is necessary because if you wouldn’t tell them they would never get to know about it.
  • You are probably expecting them to let you know:– Many dog owners expect that their dog would come to them and let them know about when they want to do their business. But dog owners, this is not the case. Actually it is not practical because you would not expect a three-month child to let you know when they want to go for their business, right? Then how can you expect your young puppy to do so?
  • You are not taking your dog frequently enough: The reason that you are not able to house-train your dog can be that you are not taking them that enough for a potty break. Usually, a puppy almost has to be taken for a potty break in about every one or two hours of time. So, now you probably know how many times you have to take them out for a break to do their business. This would also help you to potty train them a lot quicker.
Reasons You’re having an issue with House-Training your Dog ! Whoof-Whoof
  • Make it clear for them:.- Dogs don’t get to know that quickly about where to relieve themselves and where to not. Just make it clear for them that they have to do it on a puppy pad or wherever you want them to relieve themselves. They can feel okay that the living room is having restrictions on relieving but the bedroom doesn’t so they would just run and mess the things around, so just be clear cut about things.
  • Teach them rather than correcting them: Almost all the dog trainers make this mistake during the training process. Many dog parents correct their dogs rather than correcting them. Do you think correcting them would teach them about their mistakes? No, you are wrong. It would rather hinder your bond and slow down the training process. If an accident happens with your dog at your home you should treat it as if it is your mistake, not theirs, after all, they are still in the teaching process.
  • Don’t expect too much: Expecting too much from a puppy is not fair to them, after all, they are new to you and the environment and the most important is that they are still in the training process. Expect according to them not according to what you want them to do. Once they get familiar with you and have that string bond they would never ever neglect obeying you, but for now, train them but don’t expect much.

So these were the most common mistakes that many of you make during the House-Training procedure. Please know that not you nor I can adjust and start learning on the first go in a new environment, we too need time and so they. Give them time and practice as often as you can but make sure that the practice sessions are short and fun, don’t let your dog lose interest in you.

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