We had no experience of Dog Parenting until we embraced DONUT, the Beagle. Our 6th family number. However, like the upbringing of any child, DONUT also gave us many sleepless nights during teething problems. There were brief occasions also when we regretted our decision while failing to negotiate with the tantrums of DONUT. But all our worries and melancholy came to a pleasant end when Mohit Tanwar visited us one evening. His IMPECCABLE Acumen of understanding Dog Behaviour and explaining the same to Pet Parents brought a paradigm shift to our approach towards DONUT. He made the upbringing of a puppy to an adult dog look simple and playful. I wonder whether anyone can match the prowess of Mohit because he indeed infused smiles on the faces of my entire family by teaching us the way to Give Love & Get Love from the youngest member of my family.