Feeding Stray Dogs is very important during lock-down. While some of us are spending time with family and pets safely at our homes during this lock-down, the fact that stray dogs cannot even find enough food for themselves cannot be ignored. Dogs are very sensitive to the environment and thus if they do not get proper food for such a long time they might get unwell and we as their humans have the duty of not letting this happen.

With this thought here I am suggesting a few things that you can feed them easily during this tough time

  • Biscuits: The most convenient thing to feed the stray dogs is biscuits. Make sure the biscuits are not flavored and do not have high glucose content. Marie gold is thus a better option as compared to Parle-G !!
  • Milk: Dogs like milk a lot making it another good option which is also easily available. It will be even better if you could just mix bread pieces in the milk.
  • Khichdi: Yes, you read it right khichdi is again a good option for them just boil some rice along with chopped seasonal vegies and mung dal is also a good option.
  • Boiled eggs or chicken: If you have enough access to these then they are certainly very good options. Also, avoid feeding dogs raw chicken and eggs as they have a sensitive digestive system.
 Feeding Stray Dogs/Puppy in lock-down

Important Note

Do not go out for feeding street dogs instead just place the bowl outside your house

Please maintain a safe distance with street dogs because although till now there is no proof that they can get infected with COVID-19 but recently a Tiger in Bronx Zoo has been tested positive for the same, and thus you and your family’s health should not be compromised.

Do wash your hands properly with soap before and after feeding the stray dogs.

Please make sure you do not leave the feeding spot dirty.

Many people don’t know about the lawful ramifications concerning taking care of homeless animals or stray dogs.

The below FAQ’s should help you in better understanding the equivalent:

Question 1 :- Is it unlawful or illegal to take care and feed stray dogs?

  •  No, it isn’t unlawful or illegal to take care and feed  any homeless dogs living on roads outside your home

Question 2:-  Can any society in which you are living “Ban” you or other residents for taking care and feeding the stray dogs?

  • No, society has that authorization to make or approve any such kind of laws which will be totally opposite from the judicial system. The people of societies can create a few feeding areas and make sure all dogs should be vaccinated and sterilized timely.

Question 3:-   Will society be stray dog friendly?

  •   To make your society friendly with stray dogs you have to take some major steps. Like a dog lover since most of the people are scared of dogs.   You can create particular feeding areas. Must check from time to time that all stray dogs are vaccinated. Make a group of dog lovers who can spread awareness on the ABC program and the Prevention of Cruelty to animals’ act. This will be an effort from us for the people who think that feeding to stray is somehow wrong