A well-mannered dog is a dream of every dog owner. You as a dog owner also want this, right? Your dog’s behavior also depended on you. As how you treat them or how to treat bad behavior in dogs. Do you give them enough exercise daily, and there can be ‘n’ number of reasons behind their bad behavior. Before taking any action towards your dog’s behavior you should observe them closely. You should also consult them to a veterinarian because many bad behaviors could not be just bad behavior but it also can be a sign of any health issue.

The bad behavior of a dog may be bad for you but another owner would promote it or would be waiting to have those results through training. For example, if you have a German Shepherd bad behavior from your opinion of your dog could be their excessive barking but if someone is training their dog for guarding purposes they would praise the same behavior, so the opinion about behavior will differ from owner to owner’s expectations.

Some common bad behavior include:

How to treat bad behavior in dogs? Whoof-Whoof
How to treat bad behavior in dogs?
  • Barking
  • Jumping on people
  • Begging 
  • Whining 
  • Digging
  • Play Biting
  • Leash Pulling
  • Chewing
  • Chasing 
  • Urine Marking

If the above problem comes occasionally then it could be said that it was an accident. But if it happens regularly it is really that your dog is adapting to a habit they should not adapted. But luckily, there are many ways and solutions for treating the bad behavior of your fur babies.

The very first step of treating the undesired behavior of your dog is to observe their behavior. Observing them can help you with planning the training sessions and help you determine the problem of your dog. You can also consult with the best dog trainer in Delhi. Once you figure out what the issue is you can easily deal with the behavior and treat it……

These are some of the techniques by which you can fix their behavior problem:

  • Have well knowledge about your dog: Your dog’s behavior problem could occur because of you also. Ask yourself do you know your dog properly and just try to get an honest answer? Your dog cannot speak but their signs and signals can. Try to learn about their signs and signals, read them, and learn them. Observe their behavior and then apply the solutions to their training sessions.
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  • Exercise: Lack of exercise can also result in your dog being distructive at home. That single bar of energy left can also give you enough trouble to irritate you and your dog. The solution to this is very much straight forward, your dog just needs to exhaust every bit of energy they consist of.
  • Prevention of accidents: Preventing the accidents can too provide your dog a signal that the thing that they were thinking of doing is not correct and should not be repeated. This can simply be done by just observing your dog’s behavior and their signals of doing an inappropriate thing and then discouraging it.
  • Redirect your dog’s focus: Behavior like chasing and digging can be instinctive for many breeds. But yes, it can still be treated. What you have to do is just redirect their focus from what they are doing (the bad behavior). Redirecting can be like, if your dog is chasing some insect or anything just call them and use their instinct of chasing on their favorite toy by playing ‘fetch’ with them and also draining their energy out.
  • Don’t lose your calm: Dogs can get to know what you are feeling by just the tone of your voice. Being calm is really very important during the training sessions of your fur-ball. Losing calm can also promote bad behavior because it would freak them out as you shout on them and in the later life they can also deny the actions that you want them to do as their trust and respect for you can be shattered in pieces and you surely don’t want that to happen to your fur babies. 
  •  Make your dog learn certain commands: Making your dog learn some specific commands can help you to treat their bad behavior. Commands like stop, stay, leave it, drop it, etc. can help you out during the process of rectifying the bad behavior of your dog.
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  • Socialize your fur-ball: Socializing your dog may help them to not to lose their calm when they see another dog or a new face around them. This can also help them not to react to different scents and sounds abruptly and unusually.
  • Practice regularly: Regular training with your dog can help them recognize you as their only one they have in such a big world (and that’s the trust you want to build, right). If they accept you as their controlling authority they would follow your order respectfully and obediently. But still it is important to make the bond stronger than anything. Practicing more and more with your dog can really help you to make them listen to your command.
  • Work with a professional: If the behavior is becoming really intense and irresistible for you then you should surely consult to a professional dog trainer because at that point they are the only one in the industry who can really take you out from this trap because the more you get late the more intense the bad behavior gets. Consult them before it is too late.
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On a serious note, you should appreciate your dog whenever they are doing some acceptable or something good like getting into a settle or just leaving something unacceptable alone. This action of yours would help them to interpret what you want out of them and what is acceptable and unacceptable.

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