So, did you just bring home a new family member or planning to? This blog post is especially for you. Getting a new Puppy home is such a pleasure but they are your responsibility and the part of your family. Every year there are a lot of pet owners who buy a new Puppy. But the most common question which arises after bringing them home is what to do next. What to train them about? Which things should they learn? What should be the pace of the training? There are many questions that arise after buying a new dog. In the blog, we are going to talk about some easy and effective things that you should teach and train your new puppy. You can also contact and consult with the best dog trainer in Delhi.

  1. Clicker Training: Clicker is one of the best ways to communicate with a dog. Nothing required, just a clicker, your fur-ball and some treats (actually these are going to be the basic requirements for all the tricks mentioned below). It is really simple to just hold the clicker in your hand and everytime you click the clicker just offer them a treat. This would make them believe that if the clicker is being clicked then they are going to receive a treat.You can click on times you feel that your dog has done something good but please don’t click everytime as they can build up a habit of something which now looks cool but can later result is disasters. This was way simple, right? (Treats are not necessary to be those high valued sealed treats, but it can also be a play session with you dog or anything they enjoy after all their enjoyment and comfort are our first priorities)
Clicker Training By Whoof-Whoof
  1. Crate Training: A crate is something that can provide a secure environment to your fur-baby. A crate can be really effective for your dog during the car journeys or when they are not under supervision or if you want to have them with a safe environment. There is not much that you can do about it. Your dog would need the time that they would need. You should not force them to just get inside the crate. Let them be comfortable there. Just keep a treat in the corners such that they can sniff around the crate and become familiar with it. If you face any difficulties in training then you can contact the best dog trainer in Delhi and they will help your dog.
  1. Sit: It is one of the easiest of the tricks that you can teach and train your puppy. Once your dog responds to the clicker it becomes way more easier to communicate with them. Take a tiny bit of treat in your hand and put it in the front of the nose of your dog, very slowly take the treat toward the tail. When the but of your dog hits the ground press the clicker and reward them. As your new family member is a puppy, you have to lure them a bit and make them believe that every time they do something right they get rewards. The following would be the expected result.
Tran your dog Sit // Whoof-Whoof
  1. Stay: Stay is a really important trick that your dog should know and you should teach them at a very young age as it is used in many further tricks like back-stall. Get them to a perfect stand position and then do a hand signal like stop. Give them a treat if they stay in the same position even for a fraction of a second. After All they are puppies and they too can take time to understand and perform what you want them to do.

  1. Down: Down can be a trick which can be used to calm your dog and to train your puppy. Down is again a very simple trick to do. Bring them in the sit position. Lure the treat near to their nose and slowly bring the treat to the floor and wait and click the clicker when your puppy comes down wholly with their belly touching the ground. Down can be tricky at first for your dog but when your dog figures out what they need to do it gets damn easy.It would give you such kind of look if done correctly. Best dog trainer in Delhi is the best in training any dog of any size.
Train to Down by Whoof-Whoof

Above were some simple things to train your puppy that you can teach your dog and make them comfortable with. Your dog may take time to perform the expected thing and also they could take just two to three repetitions of the trick to learn it. The learning process is all about the grabbing power of the pup and the technique of the Trainer. Remember not to go hard on your dog after all they are just puppies and would take time to interpret your request and perform it. The training is a lengthy process but once your dog learns it you would be pleased to see you fur-ball performing the tricks in their paw tips. Repeat the above tricks on a regular basis so that your dog doesn’t forget them. After all training and perfection is all about practice and hard work done on it.

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Note: On an important note I would like to tell you that please take small bits and pieces of treats because if the treats become too much they can skip their meal which would not be a good thing for them.

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The Whoof Whoof Team.