5 Grooming tips for a German Shepherd

Grooming is a process in which we clean the coat of a dog. Grooming is very much essential for a dog as it keeps its coat clean and free of all the unwanted infections which a dog can have. It also helps us to detect whether the skin of the dog is having any lumps or parasites on it.

German Shepherd is a very clean dog breed. Though grooming is not that much needed but yes you need to do it occasionally. Grooming also helps to build the bond between the owner and the dog. Moreover the health of a German Shepherd depends on its regular grooming.

  1. Brushing

German Shepherds consists of a double coat. Now, the question arises what is a Double Coat? A double coat is a type of coat which have upper coat which consists of long and silky hair and then there is the under coat which is dense, coarse and straight. In the case of German Shepherd, during the winters the double coat keeps the breed warm and during summers it reflects the sunlight and thus keeps the body of the dog cool.

German Shepherd is a dog breed which sheds the whole year. Brushing cannot solve the problem of shedding but can surely minimize it by taking the broken hair out of the coat.German Shepherd should be brushed 3-4 times a week

  1. Bathing

Are you making your German Shepherd bath every week? You think that you are cleaning them but this is not true. German Shepherd is a clean breed in itself. They are free from body odors and the unclean coat. They need a bath just for once in about 3-4 months, yes you read it right, 3-4 months. There would be a question in your mind what if we bath them often, right? If you bath them very often their natural hair oil would also wash off which can make their skin flaky and irritating and their coat can get really rough, and you don’t want that to happen to your GSD, right!!!

  1. Toe Nail-cutting

Toe nail-cutting is essential for every dog breed. This step of Grooming really needs a lot of attention. The nails of a dog have to be clipped off in right size because there is a vein passing closely by their nails. If the nails are cut too short the vein can get punctured which could lead to a lot of blood and pain. But if you don’t cut the nails at all then long nails can hurt your fur-buddy while walking.

While you are cutting the nails of your GSD you have to be super attentive because their nails are of black color and are not clearly visible in dark surroundings. GSDs are someone who don’t complain about pain and can resist it. So you have to take care of it. Most of our houses are made of concrete solid floors so walking on such a floor dog nails are usually trimmed naturally and usually don’t grow very big. 

  1. Teeth Brushing

Brushing the teeth of your German Shepherd is a basic necessity for them. Brushing the teeth can help in getting free from the foul smell of the mouth of your GSD. The Brushing can be done by a toothpaste used on a toothbrush or feeding them with hard biscuits and kibbles can work. Giving them a bone to chew can also help them to get rid of the foul smell.

  1. Ear-Cleaning

Ear-Cleaning is a very important part of grooming for every dog breed. In the case of GSD it can get a bit clumsy. Ears of GSD are really deep and need regular cleaning. If Cleaning is not provided on regular basis the ears can develop debris and wax in it which can then result in infections. You should use Dog Ear Drops to clean the ears and then take a cloth to clean the ears. Do it with real delicacy because ears of a dog are very sensitive part. Strictly don’t use water to clean the ears of a GSD or any other dog because it can get collected Inside the ears and then cause serious problems like less hearing and ear infections.

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Grooming tools that your Dog Grooming Kit should have : 

  1. Hair Dog Brush
  1. Dog Shampoo
  1. Dog Nail-Clipper
  1. Tooth Brushes and Chew Toys
  1. Ear Cleaner